Friday, August 6, 2010

0013 With butterflies in the suitcase off to Area 142.

After 2 hectic weeks finishing off our first collection, "Little seres", for Spring / Summer 2011 (plus moving house in Barcelona!!) the day came to get Wagner, Richter, Baron, Koenig, Prinz, Fuerst, Graf, Kaiser and Adel packed up and take them back to London....

Packing the suitcases it felt like butterflies had sneaked into the luggage and stomach area.....

So me, plus the "little seres", plus the butterflies flew directly to Area 142, a sales showroom in Shoreditch, that is giving Borne the great opportunity to be part of their stable of brands.

Borne is very excited!!!!!!

Our "Little seres" are now hanging next to each other on the Borne rail in Area 142, Elise still can't believe they all made the journey safely, breathing as they sit on the hanger in front of her.


  1. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the work (stop teasing us with these pics!)

  2. what about the photo shoot?? i wanna see models!