Tuesday, July 13, 2010

0012 La familia Borne

Since we started our journey the Borne family has grown and grown, we wanted to introduce you to the special people that have made the first collection possible;

Mario - patronista

From his studio in Plaza Espanya he has proved to be a genius with patterns, as well as with cutting fabrics and being patient with all our alterations - SUPER MARIO T'ESTIMEM!!

Sylvia - patronista

Not only does she look good with a ruler but she has cut and scaled some of our most exciting patterns for the first collection!

Ana - needle master

Our samples would not look half as good if it was not for Ana and her ability to interpret our requests and handle all the changes we have thrown at her

Max - creative director

Always hard to please and never one to not have his own way, however the results are always spectacular and he knows how to put a mean outfit together

A special thanks to Encarna who is the real jefa and helped put us in touch with everyone here, and Rosa who refused to have her photo taken until she had been to the perruqueria, but managed to finish all the samples with a broken arm!

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  1. hehehe, congrats to the team! and to you, that together with max, came out with some genious ideas. love it!