Sunday, November 27, 2011

0046 Paris and beyond

We left you a couple of months back on the verge of taking borne to Paris Fashion Week for the first time, and we've only just managed to catch our breath! Its been quite a ride since we touched down at Orly airport in late September, here is a little diary of what went on.

We set up camp in Le Marais, it was the first time we'd lived and breathed this area of Paris properly and waking up to the sun rising over the Pompidou was not a bad way to start our day.

On a rare free day we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to wander the streets and check-out some of the other shows that had already started at the Jardin des Tuileries. A fascinating first taste of Paris Fashion Week.

Soon setup day was upon us and we introduced ourselves to our new home for the next few days at the Garages Turenne. As the name suggests, when we arrived it was literally an empty garage but the natural light was amazing and the space had a unique buzz to it as everyone got to unpacking their collections.

After getting well acquainted with the steamer we soon had the whole collection on the rails for the first time since the photoshoot in July, what do you think?!?

After an early night we returned for Day 1 with nervous anticipation as to what to expect. Luckily we were surrounded by some great talent and if nothing else it was going to be a fantastic opportunity to meet other designers and swoon over their collections. However the early trickle of people coming in soon turned into a steady flow, and it wasn't long before we were busy introducing borne to buyers from all over the world!

The three days passed in a blur and we took a lot away from the experience, including a few orders on our freshly printed borne pads, which was the icing on the cake. We had some amazing help from Grandma and Grandpa who were drafted in to Team Borne for the week to look after Max. Leo stayed with us on the stand, probably the most patient and well-behaved two month old on record.

Next week we'll let you know exactly where you will be able to find borne for Spring / Summer 2012, until then we'll keep you guessing!

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