Tuesday, April 12, 2011

0033 happy borne birthday!!!

Thats right - happy birthday us!

A year ago this week we decided to turn a dream into reality, change our lives completely and start on a journey with only a faint sketch of where we wanted to end up.

What we did know is what we wanted to create - a new brand of womenswear which is beautifully designed, with exquisite attention to detail, using the finest quality ingredients and made with love and passion to produce garments bursting with individuality and personality. We didn't want them to cost the earth and we wanted the pieces to be so comfortable that they could all be worn at anytime by anyone - simple really!

We did make things a bit more complicated by choosing to split our time between Barcelona and London. Barcelona would be where the pieces were designed and produced and London would be the hub for press and sales, we would also get more sun and easy beach access....

However it is really important to us to be as close as possible to where we produce, to know who is making each piece and keep an eye on each stage of the process to make sure everything is made exactly how we want it to be. We have met some amazing people during the process, many of them feel like family given how much time we have spent with them over the last twelve months, and we can honestly say that we wouldn't be here today waffling on without them!

At the same time we knew that the UK, and London in particular, was where it had all started and would be critical to establishing the brand amongst stockists and press. Figuring out how to do this and who to trust were some of the biggest decisions we had to make and we quickly learned the hard way that having the right feeling about who you are working with is very important. Having Harriet and team at HPR and Rosi & Charlotte at Studio 13 on board has been invaluable!

We have just finished our second collection for Autumn / Winter 2011, "First Flight", which is inspired by the beauty of birds in flight. It is a natural evolution from our first collection, "Little Seres", while staying true to our ethos of quality, attention to detail and

To see the new collection you can go to our website, www.borne.co.uk, but just as we felt when we got on that plane a year ago - borne is getting its wings!

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