Tuesday, March 8, 2011

0030 AW11 "First Flight" behind the scenes

We always hoped that our "borne-by" blog would be a guide to the journey we started on almost a year ago, we may not have updated it as regularly recently but we promise we have been busy!!

One of the reasons for the lack of updates is we have moved some of the more "newsy" items to our new and improved news page on the website - www.borne.co.uk/news - this will be updated more regularly and will act as the go to source of what is happening in the world of borne!

The last few months have been a complete blur, though we remember that it all started with a wall of ideas - lots of birds and the feeling that we wanted to fly!

To those images we added some colour and some texture - forest greens, charcoal greys, natural beiges, mint and navy blue/black in a selection of sandwashed silks, mohair mixes, jerseys, washed cottons and luxurious italian wools.

We then got re-acquainted with our little white friend, who would be hand-in-hand during long nights, early mornings and pretty much any other time over Christmas and into the dawn of a New Year!

When the patterns had been drawn and cut, we tied up the beautiful bundles of fabric and sent them off to the amazing ladies who make it all happen; Ana, Teresin, Rosa, Tere, Merche and Magda who lovingly sew our garments together.

When we receive the samples back there are always a few last-minute, finishing touches to apply before the big day to make sure everything is perfect - thankyou Mum for your needles and nimble fingers!

And then we were off, to the glamourous location for our AW11 photoshoot... Lambeth, who said fashion was glamourous?!?

We had another amazing team behind us this season, we were really excited to be working with Ben Riggott, photographer to the stars. He had coincidentally just shot a few of our SS11 pieces for a Cosmo article so it was obviously meant to be!

In addition to Ben we were honoured to have Tilly Hardy styling the shoot again, there is no-one else who can make sense of a collection when it is hanging on a rail like she can!

Our model for the day was Kamilla - a perfect borne woman in every way - she gave each of the 19 looks (a lot!!) just the right amount of wintery cool.

After Ben had finished posing and Kamilla had been preened (literally given the amount of feathers that were flying around backstage) we were all set, for lights, camera, action!

Last but no means least, Wendy Turner (on the left) did an amazing job with the hair & make-up - little did we know she is an expert in headresses!

And now we can truly say that borne by Elise Berger, AW11 "First Flight" has its wings...

The collection is available to view, by appointment only, at our showroom Studio 13.

For a copy of the lookbook please email sales@borne.co.uk - the full collection will be up on the website soon.

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