Wednesday, November 10, 2010

0023 Where can you be Borne for SS11?

Our Spring / Summer 2011 collection, "Little Seres", will be making their home in the following awesome locations come early next year.

If there is not one near you then fear not as will be stocking a limited number of pieces for you to choose from online.

ASOS (International, online) -

Young British Designers (International, online) -

Shop 172 (Brick Lane, London) -

Melanie Drake (Barnes, London) -

Skirt Boutique (Newcastle, UK) -

Baum (Barcelona, Spain) -

Room (Barcelona, Spain) -

L'Armari San Pere (Barcelona, Spain)

Seventy Seven (Toronto, Canada) - opening soon

Pantoufle Habille (Perth, Australia) - launching for Spring / Summer 2011

Heilee (Hong Kong, Online) - launching for Spring / Summer 2011

We'll keep you updated as our Little Seres start the next stage of their journey and give you a glimpse into the care and attention that goes into the making of every single one of them!

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  1. Can't wait to get my hands on your pieces :P

    Kit xxx
    Style Slicker