Tuesday, June 29, 2010

0010 Borne is born.


Borne believes garments have soul

On the journey from idea through production each unique item is nurtured with love and passion

However it is only when the garment is worn that its character is defined

We want to pass our creations on to people who value quality and attention to detail and will care for them like we do

Borne clothes are very personal items that you feel innately comfortable in and that represent an investment, which can be worn anytime, anywher

Our designs are modern, subtle and understated, inspired by classic menswear tailoring


Borne is the dream of Elise Berger and has its roots in Daruperstrasse No.9 in Nottuln, North-West Germany

This is where Elise’s grandfather had his workshop as a menswear tailor and where Elise spent much of her childhood falling in love with design

Elise now shares her time between London, and Barcelona where Borne garments are designed and produced


We don’t think of our clothes existing only as a collection of pieces, but as individual items that live on their own

Therefore we will release smaller ranges more frequently so that when we create exciting new designs we can let you know straight away

The first capsule collection contains our core designs, everyday staples that capture the essence of Borne

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